Syntax Highlight Code in Word Documents

I was looking for a easy way to put highlighted code fragments in word documents or powerpoint presentation. Then I came across this website. It is just a great tool to quickly get some nice looking code fragments in your Word/Powerpoint and even Outlook email messages.

How to edit the project.config for all projects in Gerrit

While I was evaluating Gerrit 2.6 I ended up installing the building the latest snapshot version (2.7RC) myself. All was fine until I was about to setup Jenkins to verify my commits. I was surprised to find the label “Verified” missing from the reviews. After some googling I found that in version 2.7 this has… Continue reading How to edit the project.config for all projects in Gerrit

Interesing memory leak detection tools

Memory leak detection: Visual leak detector: For Linux, valgrind:

Tomcat7 missing fonts

I recently migrated my tomcat7 server to a new esxi server and had the following issue: Caused by: java.lang.Error: Probable fatal error:No fonts found. There are a few explanations found on the web: Tomcat is running headless. Add this -Djava.awt.headless to /etc/init.d/tomcat7. Checked, was there already so this is not the cause. Add missing fonts:… Continue reading Tomcat7 missing fonts

Setting up ssl Subversion Mirror on Ubuntu 12.04

These are some quick notes on how to setup a subversion mirror on ubuntu 12.04 First install apache2, subversion and the binding create dir /etc/apache2/ssl and copy you ssl files to this folder. Update /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl or create a new site. Make these changes to the site config. Enable ssl module, the ssl site and then… Continue reading Setting up ssl Subversion Mirror on Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu house keeping

I am running a small Ubuntu server that I have just given 8GB of virtual HD space. I thought that would be enough. However, as I was trying to transfer some data to it I ran out of space. This left me wondering what happened. I went to search where the data was stored and… Continue reading Ubuntu house keeping